Changing the social culture around drunk driving & organ donation through awareness and education.




Liam’s Life Foundation is set out to change the social culture around drinking and driving through awareness, education, and partnerships. Every 53 minutes a person loses their life to a drunk driving accident. Drunk driving is preventable. There are alternatives to getting behind the wheel after drinking. It is a personal responsibility and obligation we all have to ourselves and to others not to get behind the wheel intoxicated.


Liam’s Life will work closely with the automotive industry to ensure technology for automatic breaking to be made available and mandatory not only for newer cars but in older models as well. The technology is there, it is our mission to get it out to the general public to help save lives.


There are 120,000 people waiting for an organ and while 95% of Americans are in favor of organ donation, only 52% are registered. The demand for organ, eye, and tissue donations is overwhelming and although we don’t like to be faced with the thought of our own mortality, we must think, what happens at the end of our life? You can make changes, give life, live on through others.


Although, Liam’s untimely and tragic death has devastated his family, friends, and community, Liam’s name and legacy will live on. His parents are on a mission to make significant changes to ensure the safety of others.


  • Promoting Safety

    Cut all drunk driving fatalities and injuries in half.

    Decrease distracted driving by 30%.

  • Raise Awareness

    Speak at local and national events to bring awareness to the perils of drunk driving.

    Work directly with impacted victims and survivors of drunk driving victims

  • Automotive Technology

    Spread awareness and increase progression of offender interlock laws

    Support developments in auto-break technologies and mandatory all-offender installation.

  • Organ Donation

    Open up the conversation of organ donor registration importance nationwide.

    Increase donor registration by 40%.

Board of Directors

Co-founders and parents, Marcus Kowal and Mishel Eder have led the fight to turn the tragedy of their son’s passing into a mission to prevent and ensure the safety of others, in Liam’s honor.

Marcus Kowal

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Mishel Eder

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Anna Bielkheden

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The Team

The following people have rallied around their friends Marcus & Mishel to contribute their respective areas of expertise to form the team that will, along with the founders, do whatever it takes to ensure the vision for the Liam’s Life Foundation become a reality.


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